What is SaaS Recruitment Software?

During your search for online recruitment software, you may have seen the term SaaS used.

If you are new to the concept of cloud computing then you are probably wondering what SaaS actually means as well as how it can be harnessed to benefit recruiters and recruitment agencies.

SaaS is an acronym for Software as a Service and is also referred to as On-Demand Software.

Either of these terms describe a specific software delivery model whereby the recruitment software and its associated database are hosted centrally in the cloud.

SaaS recruitment software is normally accessed by means of a web-browser and has become increasingly popular in recent years.

RecruitmentWorx offers all the benefits of the SaaS software model for an affordable price.

What are the main benefits of a SaaS based recruitment solution?

SaaS software is cost effective

No initial outlay in relation to IT infrastructure, ongoing maintenance or staffing costs. This is all managed by the SaaS software provider and included in your monthly subscription cost.

Quick & easy implementation

With no recruitment software to install yourself, your SaaS recruitment system can be up and running in next to no time. You will also be able to import your existing data into the system with minimal effort.

Work from anywhere at anytime

Your recruitment software will be available on-demand from anywhere with an internet connection, so it no longer matters if you are not at your desk or the office all day.

Support for mobile devices

Any good SaaS recruitment CRM will include support for multiple devices including tablet computers and modern smartphones in addition to the more traditional use of desktop computers and laptops.

Greater financial flexibility

You only pay for the services and number of recruiters you need. Monthly subscriptions also help to reduce financial risk for recruitment SME's and recruitment start-ups.

Regular and free upgrade cycles

Our recruitment software is frequently updated and new features are introduced on a regular basis without disruption to your recruitment business.

We want to help you fully understand the benefits SaaS has to offer and we'd love for you to take a free look at our SaaS recruitment CRM for yourself.

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