Recruitment CRM software for UK start-ups

As a recruitment start-up you need a recruitment CRM that's simple to use, accessible, secure, and affordable without compromising on functionality.

RecruitmentWorx offers all this and more by providing you with powerful, time saving features that allow you to focus more on simply sourcing the right candidates, building client relationships, and making more placements.

What problems do recruitment start-ups face?

With so many recruitment software offerings on the market, it can be difficult to choose a solution which meets your needs during both the early days and in times of growth.

Most recruitment software offerings either cost too much to justify or simply confuse and frustrate users with over complicated features.

What makes RecruitmentWorx different?

RecruitmentWorx is designed to offer recruitment start-ups a simple, secure, and powerful recruitment CRM with particular focus on ease-of-use and affordability.

RecruitmentWorx has also been developed with the start-up recruitment agency in mind and we can provide you with a quick and easy setup process which is included as part of the service.

We have kept our pricing models simple, uncomplicated and flexible. There are no hidden charges or nasty surprises in relation to the number of candidates or vacancies you can add to your recruitment database and we offer full data backups, a generous storage allowance, technical support, and training materials as standard.

Why is RecruitmentWorx priced so low?

It is our aim to make RecruitmentWorx the first-choice software for recruitment start-ups in the UK and with every new recruitment start-up that discovers just how simple and affordable RecruitmentWorx is, the more this target becomes a reality.

Our pricing has been set low in order to make it as affordable as possible and we don't force you to sign up for modules you're unlikely to use. In fact, we even let you build your own subscription model to keep things as transparent as possible.

We are constantly enhancing our recruitment software' features and this is something we achieve by working closely with our users and hopefully - you too.

Can you bring your existing data with you?

Yes you can.

RecruitmentWorx offers a number of ways to import your existing data including CSV upload and bulk CV import.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more. In the meantime, why not take a look at your new recruitment CRM in action and request a free online demo?

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