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Increase your efficiency right from the start.

With RecruitmentWorx, you can be up and running in next to no time. Our setup process is quick and simple with no hidden charges or nasty surprises. You are in complete control of the features and modules you need so you will not be paying for something you do not use.

So simple, clean & intuitive.

The RecruitmentWorx user interface is so simple to use and has been designed with a focus on ease-of-use. Each and every screen provides quick and simple access to relevant information without unnecessary clutter.

Affordable, straightforward pricing.

Our pricing models mean that you only pay for what you need. You will never pay for upgrades and maintenance and our monthly subscriptions give you complete financial flexibility without the headache of long-term contracts.

"The setup and migration of our existing data was exceptionally quick and very smooth." - I. S. - Recruitment Director

Web Based Online Recruitment CRM Software

Web based recruitment CRM software

Accessible from anywhere - access your recruitment CRM from anywhere in the world. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection - perfect for recruiters who are on the move (subject to availability in selected regions).

Multiple device support - desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones - RecruitmentWorx is fully compatible with all kinds of device making it a truly portable recruitment solution no matter where you are.

Performance & Growth - In addition to the lightning-fast performance, RecruitmentWorx will easily keep up with the increased demand as your recruitment business grows.

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Candidate CV / Résumé Parsing

CV Parsing

Save time with candidate CV imports - Let us take the hassle out of data-entry. Quickly create a fully profiled candidate record by simply uploading the CV directly to RecruitmentWorx.

Lightning fast résumé parsing - Lightning fast résumé parsing courtesy of Rchilli saves you time and money by reducing the need for manual data entry. You can even send CVs to your database directly from your inbox with RecruitmentWorx MailFunnel.

Spend more time recruiting - You and your staff spend more time recruiting and less time manually keying-in candidate details. The result - increased efficiency and reduced costs.

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SMS Text Messaging

SMS Messaging

Reach your candidates first - Reach your candidates faster than the competition. Send text messages directly to your candidate's mobile for instant contact.

Simple, direct, and effective - If you want to grab their attention, a text message is more likely to be read sooner than an email. You can also message your clients to follow up leads or interviews.

A low cost, flexible messaging solution - Our SMS packs enable you to purchase as many credits as you need and simply top-up when required. Your credits do not expire so if you do not use them they will not be lost.

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Personalise Your Email Messages

Personalise Email Messages

Let's make it personal - RecruitmentWorx enables you to create fully personalised email templates. These can be used to email potential candidates and clients with targeted content to capture their interest and keep your sales funnel healthy.

Never lose an email again - RecruitmentWorx logs all sent messages against the relevant recipient so you will never need to trawl through your inbox to find them. You can also integrate RecruitmentWorx with Mandrill or SendGrid to create fully managed and trackable email campaigns.

Maintain your corporate identity - Each user can personalise their own email signature to ensure that your company branding is maintained.

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Find The Right Talent For The Job

Candidate Matching

Matching candidates is so simple - RecruitmentWorx offers a powerful matching engine that quickly identifies the most suitable candidates. Each candidate is individually ranked ready for shortlisting.

Distance based matches - Candidates can be ranked based on their distance from a vacancy. * Radial searching is supported against UK postcodes only.

No more manual searching - With our candidate matching engine, you'll no longer need to trawl through candidate CVs every time there's a new position to fill.

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Task Management Made Easy

Task Management

Manage your tasks from a single location - The task management functionality built into RecruitmentWorx lets you keep track of your own personal workload from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Task linking - Tasks can be created from just about anywhere in the system and you can even link tasks to individual records such as candidates, clients, or vacancies.

Collaborate with your colleagues - If permitted, each user can add and view tasks for their colleagues, enabling online collaboration between your team members in real-time.

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Application & Interview Tracking

Application and Interview Tracking

Candidate shortlisting - Shortlist any number of candidates for each vacancy. Once shortlisted, each candidate application can be tracked from initial interview all the way through to a placement.

Interview scheduling - Scheduling candidate interviews is simple. RecruitmentWorx supports multiple interview types such as telephone and face-to-face and you can even email interview confirmations directly to the candidate.

Interview calendar and widgets - Get a real-time overview of past, present and future candidate interviews using the built-in interview calendar and interview home screen widget.

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Management Reports & Statistics


Monitor business performance - RecruitmentWorx provides you with a range of management reports that help you monitor business performance in real-time.

Compare key areas of your business - Reports include candidates, companies, vacancies, interviews and placements, enabling you to keep an eye on all key areas of your recruitment business from a central location.

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Social Recruiting Tools

Social Recruiting Tools

Your own recruitment search engine - Search LinkedIn public profiles for potential candidates using the RecruitmentWorx custom search engine.

Get social - With social recruiting on the increase, RecruitmentWorx provides you with a valuable search portal to help users who are new to the concept of social recruiting get started.

Source top talent for free - You don't need to register for yet another costly CV database to find talent. The chances are they're already there.

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Website Integration

Website Integration

Plugs straight in to your existing website - Want your candidates to register directly from your existing website? No problem - RecruitmentWorx plugs straight into your existing setup with a single line of HTML code.

Reduce manual data entry - Because candidates can register their own details, there's no need for you to enter them manually. This saves you time, money and effort.

Publish vacancies & apply online - Our website integration module completes the package by allowing you to publish your vacancies directly to your existing website and even allows candidates to register their details, upload their CV, and apply for vacancies online.

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Migrate Your Existing Data With Ease

Migrate Data

Simple data import tools - RecruitmentWorx makes it easy to import your existing recruitment data. Our pre-defined import templates can be downloaded, updated with your existing candidate/company/contact information, and imported into RecruitmentWorx.

Migrate for free - Access to our data import tools is free. You can import your existing recruitment software data at no extra charge providing you manage the data migration yourself.

Bespoke imports - For more complex data migrations, we can import your data for an agreed one-off price. Please contact us to find out more about our bespoke data import services.

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Job Board Integration

Design custom job adverts - RecruitmentWorx allows you to design and edit your job adverts with ease using our powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor.

Distribute to multiple job boards with ease - By partnering with carefully selected multi-posting providers and job boards, RecruitmentWorx greatly reduces the time it takes you to distribute your job adverts across the internet.

* Separate accounts will be required for each provider
* Additional fees may apply

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Organise Your Data With Curated Data Lists

Curated Data Lists

Organise important records - RecruitmentWorx data lists allow you to organise your important information for quick and easy access. Each data list can be made public or private depending on your needs.

Need to quickly email your top candidates? - You can perform a number of bulk-actions from a data list including the ability to send a fully customised email to your candidates in just a few clicks.

Bulk email your clients - RecruitmentWorx allows you to quickly send a targeted email to any client who's been added to a data list - Perfect for helping you to market your recruitment business.

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Keep Track of Your Email Communications

Track Email Communications

Outbound email sync with MailFunnel - RecruitmentWorx MailFunnel enables you to synchronise your outbound email. Simply BCC an outgoing message to RecruitmentWorx MailFunnel and a copy will be stored against the relevant candidate or contact record automatically.

Works with any email client - MailFunnel works with your existing email client and there's no additional software or plug-ins to install. The best part is that you can use MailFunnel from anywhere!

Parse & import candidate CVs on-the-go - MailFunnel makes it even easier to get candidates into RecruitmentWorx by simply forwarding incoming CVs to the system via email. The CVs are then parsed and a new candidate record is created automatically. It will even check for duplicates before importing the CV!

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Agency Branded CVs

Agency Branded CVs

Professional CVs at the touch of a button - Creating a professional looking CV that you can send to clients just got a whole lot easier. Agency branded CVs can be created in no time at all.

Maintain company branding - Simply upload your company logo and let RecruitmentWorx do the rest. The result is professional and consistent looking CVs that your clients will love.

Fully customisable - Need to tweak a candidate CV for a particular role? No problem - the in-built CV profile editor allows you to customise each candidate CV to your own requirements. You can even hide specific sections if they're not needed.

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Transactional Email Integration

Transactional Email Integration

Robust bulk email delivery - RecruitmentWorx integrates with Mandrill and SendGrid to provide you with a powerful mechanism for bulk email delivery.

Track email delivery and bounce rates - Both providers enable you to see at a glance which emails have been delivered successfully and which emails have bounced.

Removes the guesswork from follow-up calls - Want to know who's actually opened the email before calling them? Both providers enable you to find out which messages have been opened and which ones haven't, helping you to remove some of the guesswork before making that follow-up call.

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* A separate account is required for each provider
* Additional fees may apply

Recruitment Worx 360


Candidate Public Profiles - allowing the generation of custom templated HTML candidate profiles, publishing to our 360 platform, distribution to your client base and the collection of 'view' statistics all from within the RecruitmentWorx application.

Vacancy Adverts - Push job adverts to our 360 platform, distribute via social media channels and alternative URL postings to job boards, receive applications via your advert (on RecruitmentWorx360 - not a third party job board provider) and collect referral statistics along the way.

Custom Fields - extend the existing RecruitmentWorx dataset to suit your organisational needs by utilising our Custom Fields module.

Candidate Flags - create and assign user defined flags to alert administrators to important need to know information.

Checklists - replace your in-house excel checklists with our user defined checklist module. Define and trigger automatic checklist generation whilst maintaining a real-time worklist of incomplete items across the system to ensure you keep on track.

More about 360

Keep on top of your Data Quality

Data Quality

Do you know where your missing data is? RecruitmentWorx does. Our Data Quality module is included as standard.

Configure to meet your needs - adapt RecruitmentWorx to only show missing data items you're interested in.

Real-time worklist - view missing data in real-time through our Data Quality dashboard widget. We'll even take you to the relevant record via a one-click process.

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