Recruitment software to help manage GDPR

Are you ready for GDPR?

On Friday 25th May 2018 the Data Protection Act 1988 was replaced by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) with the new legislative changes affecting the processing of personal data.

In light of these new regulations, RecruitmentWorx has been adapted to include features to assist recruitment agencies with GDPR compliance such as:

 Consent request email templating

 Management of consent request emails

 Tracking of consent request responses

 Management of data deletion requests (Right to Erasure/Right to be Forgotten)

 Management of Right of Access requests

Because GDPR is not just a software-based issue but rather an issue of how businesses manage their data as a whole (such as email, cloud storage, spreadsheets, paper, sharing data with third parties etc.) the mechanisms that businesses adopt to manage GDPR compliance will vary.

If you are unsure of how these changes will affect your business we'd highly recommend reviewing the guidance on the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) website.

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Key Benefits of our GDPR Module

 Full visibility of consent - a real-time, 360 degree view of consent request statuses across your candidate and client network via a single dashboard view

 Worklist tools to close the gaps - our consent request worklists indicate all data subject records that do not have consent recorded within the system

 Batch processing to save time - batch processing facilities for consent requests

 A dedicated online portal for interaction - public candidate and client website pages provide consent interaction and data review

 Secure - all candidate and client consent interaction web pages are delivered over SSL as standard (https://)

 Saving administrative overhead - consent interaction is automatically updated in RecruitmentWorx in real-time

 Provides evidence of consent and traceability - all consent and data review interactions by candidates and clients are automatically logged and timestamped in your system

 Saving time on information requests - candidate and client pages contain a "Review My Data" function providing a real-time summary of the data currently held within the system without the need for administrative interaction

What our customers say ...

I've worked with numerous CRMs and ran tender processes for new systems and RecruitmentWorx is slick, adaptable, value for money and importantly for me the team are extremely personable and importantly responsive to any changes or help required.

B. W.Managing Director

We are very impressed, it's a level above all the typical ones. You have mastered simplicity and it works really well!

C. H.Recruitment Director

I have been delighted with the level of service received from the team at RecruitmentWorx, both during our initial demo and the implementation of their software. Every question and query was answered immediately, and the setup and migration of our existing data was exceptionally quick and very smooth.

I. S.Recruitment Director

I have been super impressed with the service and support from the team.

R. P.Director

We have evaluated a number of online recruitment databases but RecruitmentWorx ticks all the boxes for us. Great service from the team and very competitively priced. I would definitely recommend this to any recruitment business that is looking for a cloud-based recruitment solution for their staff.

I. W.Recruitment Director

From my first conversation I have received nothing but the level of service you would normally expect from a more expensive solution. To be able to have access to such a professional service at such affordable rates is of great comfort and I am comfortable that as my business grows Recruitment Worx will grow with me.

J. R.Recruitment Director

As a recruitment company,
we've tried many different software packages
and I would strongly recommend RecruitmentWorx to any agency.

R. H.Recruitment Director

The post-sales experience has been excellent, getting our existing database onto the system was easy
and the level of support and ongoing product enhancements
have further improved our experience with the RecruitmentWorx team.

R. P.Recruitment Director

The database is fantastic having
all the functionality and ease of use
that we require at a very reasonable price.

A. M.Recruitment Director

Your personal touch throughout the assessment process certainly
was a key factor in our decision to subscribe
and I look forward to continuing working with you.

B. W.Managing Director

By the way,
this is way, way better
than our existing system already!

M. S.Recruitment Director

I have been
very impressed
with RecruitmentWorx.

H. P.Recruitment Director

Thank you for your time in setting
the system up, we've really
enjoyed using the software.

S. J.Careers Consultant

Thank you to the RecruitmentWorx
team for all your efforts
in helping us.

A. H.Recruitment Director

Keep on top of Consent

RecruitmentWorx GDPR Dashboard

Real-time dashboard - Keep track of your consent requests with a global view of real-time activity through dashboard metrics including:

- Sent, Pending, Declined & Accepted requests
- Candidate consent summary
- Client consent summary

Consent Request Management

GDPR consent requests

Save time on communications - RecruitmentWorx includes fully customisable merge email templates providing you with the ability to setup consent request templates in advance.

Track your consent requests - Effectively manage your "Consent Not Requested" subjects (either Candidates or Clients) using our Data Consent Requests real-time worklist.

Candidate/Client Online Interaction

RecruitmentWorx GDPR Dashboard

Customise - our online candidate/client GDPR portal provides you with the ability to customise your landing page to suit your specific requirements.

Online interaction - Provide your candidates and clients with the ability to automatically process their consent request by:
1. Accepting the request
2. Reviewing their data (Right to Access)
3. Declining the request
4. Declining & Deleting (Right to Be Forgotten - data will be automatically anonymised and personally identifiable information will no longer be available)

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