Want to reduce recruitment costs? Try our CV parser.

Our recruitment software' CV parser enables you and your team to spend less time manually entering data and more time recruiting.

What is CV / Résumé parsing?

CV or résumé parsing is a process that uses a powerful parsing engine to extract key information from a candidate CV or résumé file to automatically create and populate relevant areas of a candidate record within your recruitment software database.

Although complicated; this process is normally very quick - much faster than you or your colleagues could cut and paste the information from the CV themselves. The overall benefit of this smart technology is a dramatic reduction in the amount of time your entire agency spend manually entering data onto your recruitment database and therefore increasing the overall productivity of your entire team.

Most popular recruitment CRM solutions such as RecruitmentWorx offer some form of CV parsing functionality built into the core system. This makes it possible to use the data extracted from a candidate CV to automatically create new candidate records and populate your recruitment database in just a few seconds.

What kind of CV file formats are supported for CV parsing?

There are a variety of CV parsing systems on the market today. Some are better and more accurate than others and some are so expensive that it makes it hard to justify the cost. Generally speaking though, a good CV / résumé parser should be able to offer support for the following popular CV file formats:

    .doc (older style MS Word documents)

    .docx (modern style MS Word documents)

    .pdf (Portable Document Format)

    .rtf (Rich Text Format)

    .txt (Text file)

How accurate is CV / résumé parsing?

When it comes to accuracy, no CV parser will provide you with a 100% guarantee. This is primarily because each and every candidate CV will vary in format and quality from the last. CV Parsing technology works by looking for specific patterns within the contents of the CV (such as an address or particular skill) and sometimes, a suitable data pattern cannot be determined due to the layout or content of the CV itself. Because of this, we always recommend that you take a short time to verify the extracted data once parsing is complete. This way, you can easily keep on top of any data cleansing tasks from the outset.

What data can normally be extracted from a CV / résumé?

Generally speaking, and providing this information is available in the source CV, the following candidate information can be extracted:

    Candidate title, forename(s) & surname(s)


    Date of birth

    Candidate work history

    Candidate skills

It all sounds great but how much does it cost?

We can't speak for other recruitment CRM providers, but RecruitmentWorx offers CV parsing as standard (that's no extra charge!).

So benefit today by removing the need to re-type candidate information without the additional cost.

Please visit our pricing page to find out more information on our current pricing or get a free demo of our CV parser in action.

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